Increase of Dental Problems During COVID-19

Bad teeth are common during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, according to some dentists. It’s understandable because people are indulging in more sugary foods—deserts, candies and cocktails. They are also consuming more alcohol. Combined with the stress of the holiday seasons, these habits can take their toll on your teeth.

What Kinds of Bad Teeth Are Dentists Seeing During the Pandemic?

According to CBSN Boston, dentists are seeing more cavities, tooth decay, teeth grinding and cracked teeth.

One dentist said she’s having to crown one or two teeth daily. She’s also doing five bite adjustments a day from teeth grinding. The number of root canals she did monthly used to be around two, but now she’s doing at least two root canals a week. The reason for the increase in dental work is aggressive decay.

How Have Lifestyle Changes Led to Dental Problems?

After being isolated at home, people are experiencing greater stress. Reports have shown increases in depression and suicide rates. To cope, some people are changing their habits and snacking more, eating “comfort” foods that are loaded with sugar and drinking more soft drinks. Bad diets affect your entire body, in other words, your health as a whole. Without proper care, vulnerability is down and improper care is showing up in the form of dental issues.

What Do Statistics Say About the Ratio of Dental Problems to Dental Visits?

One out of five adults have visited a dentist during the pandemic.

Two in five adults have reported dental problems since March 2020.

Should you be going to the dentist? Yes. Dentists have protocols in place to make office visits as safe as possible. All dental staff is wearing PPE. Offices are screening patients and taking temperatures to make sure people who have coronavirus symptoms are not exposing contagion to other patients. Stringent measures are in place to protect patients.

Are You Experiencing Pain, Teeth Grinding or Other Dental Issues?

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