Earliest Dental Care for Your Baby

Is your baby teething? Knowing what to expect as a parent can help alleviate stress, both for you and your baby. After all, it’s an exciting moment when the first tooth emerges. It’s another development landmark for your baby like rolling over, sitting up or crawling.

At What Age Does Baby Teething Begin?

There’ a wide range as to when your baby could begin teething and have the first tooth emerge. The time range for teething is between three months to 14 months. Some babies have teeth come in one at a time. Others have teeth arriving in pairs or sets. If your child reaches one year old, and has not yet had a baby tooth erupt, you can discuss your child’s tooth development with a general dentist or pediatrician.

Signs and False Signs of Teething

There is no scientific evidence that supports runny noses, diarrhea or fever as signs of teething. However, symptoms can vary greatly from no pain at all to lingering pain and discomfort.

The following are indications that your baby may be teething:

  • Swollen gum tissue (whether there’s a lump visible or not)
  • Extreme drooling
  • Persistent urge to chew on solid things
  • Frequent rubbing of cheeks, ears or eyes
  • Cranky behavior
  • Trouble sleeping or taking naps
  • Refusing food or a bottle

What Can You Do to Help Your Baby with Pain or Discomfort?

Natural ways to soothe your child may include a refrigerated teething ring or ensuring your finger is clean and pressing against the gum. It’s not a good idea to give the baby hard food to chew on because of the risk of choking. Some babies relax with a warm bath. Rocking the child may also help.

Over-the-counter medications may help reduce the pain, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Topical gel applications containing benzocaine are another option but should be used in extreme moderation. There is research that shows it could affect a baby’s oxygen levels.

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Are You Concerned about Your Baby’s Tooth Development?

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