What if you could get your teeth straightened using clear braces that gently moved your teeth into place within six months? What if these braces were more affordable than traditional wire braces? Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t.

The Six Months Smileâ is a patented and trademarked dental technique that gets its name from the fact it can straighten your teeth within six months. And yes, it is more affordable than traditional braces, which makes it very appealing to adults.

Dr. Baker was one of the first dentists in Austin to pioneer the Six Months Smile and is highly skilled in this type of orthodontics.

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How Does the Six Months Smile Work?

These braces are barely visible and use a small amount of force to move teeth gently into a straightened position. As a result, they’re more comfortable than regular braces. Their purpose is not to adjust the bite but rather to adjust the appearance of your teeth. Anyone 16 years or older may be a candidate for this treatment. You have no greater worries about this technique damaging your teeth, gums or roots than you do with regular braces. In fact, you’re typically exposed to fewer risks, and dentists rarely extract teeth when using the Six Months Smile braces.

People who’ve experienced the Six Months Smile say that deciding factors to go this route were that they didn’t want to spend two or three years wearing braces. Also in everyday life when talking, most people had no idea at all that they were wearing braces.

Is the Six Months Smile right for you? Make an appointment with Dr. Baker and find out.

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