child's first trip to the dentist

In anticipation of your child’s first dental checkup, there’s a lot you can do. Getting ready for the first checkup should begin long before you ever make a dental appointment. It’s ideal to teach your child about brushing as soon as the first tooth comes in.

Creative Ideas for Tooth Brushing

We’re fortunate to live in the Information Age, a time when a lot of information is available through the internet. The internet has an abundance of children’s songs about brushing teeth. These inspiring songs are creative ideas for tooth brushing that your little ones will love. The can watch YouTube videos where colorful characters sing about brushing their teeth. Talk about making tooth brushing fun…kids never had it so good!

With cartoon characters dancing a around singing songs — what little kids wouldn’t want to join in and brush their teeth?

Here are some links where you can watch the videos and learn how to sing along:

Of course, Sesame Street had to get in on the teeth brushing singing and dancing too:

And then, there’s also the Mother Goose Club explaining dental care and singing their toothbrush song:

Arrange a Visit Before Your Child’s First Dental Checkup

There are gradual approaches to learning how to swim by splashing water on your arms and legs and gradually entering into the pool. This approach is much better than being thrown into the deep end and letting survival instincts kick in (or not).

Bring your child to meet Dr. Baker before your child’s first dental checkup. He’s a fun guy who loves kids and it will give your child a chance to become familiar with the office environment before the next big step of a checkup.

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